Many of us struggle with conflicting pressures in our lives, taken too far we can feel overwhelmed and lose confidence in ourselves.

Let me be your support, helping you and your business grow

Together we’ll find your focus and craft the plan to build your success.

Together we’ll create your legend, we’ll make it a reality.

Motivation, Inspiration and Success – Together

So, how does my mentoring work?

We’ll start with a blind date

I call it a blind date because – if our partnership is to work – we both need to commit to it. An informal chat allows you to consider if I’m the mentor for you, and me to get a picture of what makes you tick. We’ll both need to be sure the relationship will work.

Moving forward, with tea – lots of tea

Our regular sessions will happen in whichever way works for you: Zoom, my sitting room, somewhere else that is private or perhaps by phone.

You bring your concerns to the session and we’ll spend 90 minutes working together through your options, until you’re happy you have a plan you can work with.

I work to the pattern of Plan, Do and Review.

Your commitment to yourself

After each session, I’ll ask you to confirm – in an email – your plan going forward. This gives you a chance to review the plan outside the meeting and really commit to it.